Skin Check Perth: Age Spots & Other Common Types of Skin Problems

Whether you got age spots, also known as sun spots or liver spots, they can be unsightly bothersome no matter what you call them. So if you have any of these spots, perhaps you should already get a skin check and know the certain type of skin spot you are suffering and to know the possible treatment to remove or diminish their appearance.

skin check perthAge spots or solar lentigines are flat tan, brown or black spots.  Actually, they have nothing to do with aging. Rather, they come about to how much exposure you have had to the sun. They are also referred to as liver spots but have nothing to do with the liver! In reality they should be called “sun spots”.

There are a few home remedies used to reduce or minimise age spots. For some, they use a topical retinoid often in conjunction with bleaching cream and a mild topical steroid to gradually fade the age spot. Home remedies such as lemon juice will also lighten brown spots however keep in mind that lemon juice is photo-sensitive thus avoid the sun exposure.

Apart from age spots, there are also other skin problems that require skin check from an expert. These skin issues are a common thing in today’s time for both men and women, but how you react as well as treat them is what sets apart both the sexes.

Skin health is important so you need to always consider regular checkups. However, you need to make sure that you are working with an expert who knows how his job well.

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