The Importance Of Business Accountants for Perth Businesses

Decision making is the fundamental determinant that distinguishes between a business’s success and failure. Making informed decisions based on accurate credible data is very important for any kind of enterprise. Since business is about making profits and avoiding losses as much as possible, financial data is the most vital of all that can be collected and analysed. Business accountants are tasked with the collection, evaluation of accuracy, recording and analysis of such data to produce presentations that are used in decision making. Whether it is a small scale or large scale business, it is always important to have an accountant and almost impossible to run operations without accounting services.

Functions of an accountant
Business accountants have various roles depending on the type of establishment and mode of work. There are individual accountants who chose to work alone as separate entities, and employees who are part of an organization which they work for as accountants. For small businesses, the accountant’s main duty may revolve around record keeping and presentation of financial data in terms of expenditure, revenue, income tax and profits (or losses). This includes factoring in any statement that involves money in and money out of the business. For larger establishments, the roles may expand to contractors who deal with procurement, external affiliations and/or advisors who handle financial forecasts. The combined duties of business accountants include, but are not limited to the following;
• Record keeping – this basically involves collecting and recording accurate data from the various business departments. The records include all the expenditure made on purchases, labor and other fixed costs like rent and energy. It also details interests incurred, revenues earned and taxes charged. Other records include wages and salaries of all employees as well as savings made on legal requirements like retirements, health benefits and service.

• Inventory management – this mainly involves establishing sustainable flow of resources between the various departments. Accountants can be very useful in regulating the expenditure by monitoring and controlling how resources are used in order to reduce wastages. Inventory management is however regulated by comprehensive electronic technologies in the modern business.

Financial reporting – reporting and analysis is among the most important services of higher establishment accountants. This is mainly derived from records kept and involves providing accurate summaries, in suitable and consistent frequencies, which can be used to make informed decisions.

• Forecasting and advising – these two are also very important parts of accounting services. They involve offering professional advice on property investments and financial planning to ensure the business capital is used in profitable investments. This also guarantees the business stays on its strategic chosen path.

There are many other duties of accountants which include ensuring all financial activities are in compliance with the legal laws and company policy.

Accounting services are very important to any business and mainly involve financial data management. They are a key component of any investment since they deal with issues of how money is spent and revenues earned as a result after excluding all the associated costs. Hiring business accountants therefore entails just as many decisions which may include ethical issues. Some companies employ their own accountants while others use external auditors to analyze financial data.


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